The Best Web-Proxies

What  is a web proxy?

Web proxies are a good option to hide your real IP address. An example case is when you are at school or at work and you don’t have the rights to install any hide ip tool (like Hide-My-IP, Hide The IP etc.) or to configure a VPN connection. 


It’s one of the biggest proxy websites. This proxy website offers more than 30k IP addresses.

With Anon-IP you can "fake" your IP and unblock Facebook, Twitter  and any other website

A very new web proxy site that offers you free access to blocked websites or blocked videos on youtube. We tested this websites several times and our opinion is that this is one of the best web proxy services you can find out there.

With this proxy website you’re not using your own IP. You’ll be using the public IPs of NewIPnow. Choose between multiple IP address from different location in the USA.


What Is An Anonymous Proxy Server?

An anonymous proxy server is a web server which can be used for anonymous browsing by using it as a proxy. The server acts as a proxy or interface between the user and the website that the user is trying to browse. When the user opens the website through the proxy server, the http request is sent by the user to the proxy server. The Proxy server processes the HTTP request and finds extracts the name and url of the website that the user is trying to browse. The Proxy server then constructs and sends a new HTTP request to the website. The website sends response in the form of HTML page which is received by the proxy server. The proxy server now parses this HTML page and replace all references to the website with new references which are directed to the proxy server. As a result, when the HTML page content finally reaches the user, all the references to the website is replaced by references to the proxy server. In the process, direct interaction between the user and the website is avoided and therefore, the user is masked from the website. Hence, the user is able to browse the website anonymously through the proxy server.

Most of the web proxies are anonymous proxies. Any web proxy can be used to browse anonymously. There are however, various types of web proxies which can be used for anonymous browsing. The most popular web proxies are Php proxy, Glype proxy, CGI Proxy, etc. These proxies are all hosted on a web server and can be used for anonymous browsing. However, PHP proxies are only useful when someone wants anonymous web browsing only. These proxy sites can't be used for FTP and other protocols. For these protocols, cgiproxy can be used. A CGI Proxy can be used for many protocols depending on the nature of the script. So, if you are looking for something other than web proxy, below cgiproxies will serve the purpose.